Our Produce

We Manufacture and supply Black soldier fly insect proteins and derivatives with quality standard feed for Animals , Birds and reptiles. 

We are also supply rich nutrient Fertilizer for Organic crop protection. 

The Proteist. Chemical&
Pathogen Free

We produce our products at controlled environment , So that its free from foreign pathogens , also Black soldier fly Body contains anti microbial properties , it have resistive immune system , so the feed quality enriched. Black soldier fly insect protein can gives good health to the feeding animals .Our 42% protein provides food quality meat in chickens. 

Not only the protein , BSF protein contains lot of amino acids and fat molecules. We also called our feed 100% veg, Because we only feed vegetable and fruit waste. 

Chemical & Pathogen Free

Our insect produced under controlled climate and steriled area.

Fresh & Healthy

We supply only Fresh larval feed to the clients No stocks , No stackings

42% Protein

Larval mass can give upto 42% protein.



1 gram of Black Soldier egg will gives yield about 4kg of Matured larvae.


5dol Larva

Once our eggs hatched we maintain that optimum temperature gives good hatching ability , Which provides healthy larval counts for breeding purpose. 

Live Larvae for Country chickens

We supply Live larvae for Country and fighter chicken , it provides good weight without antibiotics . 

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You can feel our comfort with our environment , We Provide training about Black soldier fly training in our commercial facility .

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