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we change the feed.

Dr.Arthos is an Indian-based company developing the Black Soldier Fly, an insect species well known for its bioconversion capacity and as a resource for animal feed, Bio-Fertilizer, and Bio-Diesel. We provide technical support in Bio-waste Management.

Our mission is to reduce global warming(Climate Control) and part of food system recycling

Our Black Soldier Fly eggs are premium quality, with a hatching guarantee. 1g of eggs yields approximately 4,000-7,000 larvae.* Our breeding flies are healthy and housed in conditions optimal for laying fertilized eggs. *Hatch rate depends on hatching conditions. Ideal hatching conditions lead to a higher hatch rate

Dried Black soldier fly Larvae

Live - Prepupae

Black Soldier Fly eggs

Our Story

Supply the Great Alternative protein for feed

Our Dreams get Dressed up with Black soldier fly Commercial Farming , We hardly find the solution to change the Waste management systems , One fine day it found. The black soldier fly its the only insect in the world , change the organic waste into protein without harmful to plant & our ecosystem. There is a Idea behind not only involving the eco friendly activity , Also commercially this insect have a huge potential to alternate the feed for aqua and other breeding animals.

Farming of black soldier fly not only consist larval meals or Larval Frass it also extended to Lipid extraction , Bio diesel Production, protien isolation , Chitosin Extraction and etc. 



You can produce a ton of larvae in a farm that’s the size of a SMART car

The Black soldier fly larva has a life cycle of only 6 weeks. Including egg, larva, pupa and fly stage. 

Farming black soldier flies is one of the best ways to deal with food waste that can’t go anywhere else

Its a Novel protein source, Dogs and cats will benefit from the high lauric acid content and rich amino acid make up.

Larval frass is the good source of fertilizer to the plant , it have 3:1:3 – NPK. 

Converting Waste into

40% protein
30% of lipids

Less Water & More Protein

The Maize consume 1700L of Water to produce 1kg of Dry maize. But we can raise more then 100kgs within that. 

100% of Conversion

 1000kgs of F&V Waste converted into 125kg of Fresh BSFL &
250 kg of Frass(Fertilizer).

Our Farm

The Home For Insects
we Breed Our future Foooood

Breeding , The insects its not easy. It need passionate towards insect . Becuase it emits odor , more then Handling of insect everyone not to comfort. 

Everything aside, Our process includes 

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

I'm Really Glad & Thankfully for Giving us this opportunity to Visit your farm and retrace training. Training was very informative & Very well Carried by Mr.Vasant and Mr.Mohan , We have gone through atmost every part of the BSF lifecycle. I hope the Information received today will help me in building my career an d my country.
Thank You for the Opportunity to visit BSF farm , Its very helpful in gaining knowledge . Thankful to The " Retrace Cactus Research station for arranging new enthusiasts like us , BSF faming could become a profitable venture . Economic viability with locally available waste. Mr.Mohan and Vasanth Thaught me alot about BSF farming and they are very keen and helpful
NiKhil Reddy
Was in need of Black soldier fly visited from Tumkur .Have found a great clarity and learnt the gaps in the theoretical knowledge. Hope to continue with future and to do possible research.
Suwaid Ahmed (Aeronautical Engg)

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You can feel our comfort with our environment , We Provide training about Black soldier fly training in our commercial facility .

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