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I’ve a Passionate about with insect , When i join Retrace Cactus Research station as a farmer i have no idea, Then i started growing with them . In every professional at the team , Expertise in Different manners but both they together.since i started my work with them , I enjoy myselves to do day to day activity and closely working with so many peoples , getting knowledge from different aspects from new location new languages but one solution . The Bsf that , Joined everyone with ourselves.  

H.V.MOHAN - Production Manager of DR.ARTHOS
It was a good training from Mr.Mohan , I join and get quiet info . The infrastructure and setup with training would be required more details which will help more farmers like me. Detailed waste management at prior feeding to the larvae is needed.
Very good training conducted by Mr.Mohan , we are satisfied in training got very much knowledge, Thank you
Rajender Shinde
We got lot then expected nice setup and training, Mohan is a true teacher who explained everything about BSF, he is an asset for your organization , You have to grown fast for cost effective solution which any one can follow.
It was a nice meeting with Mr.Mohan , We got quiet a lot information here , A bit of infrastructure needs to be developed for farmers to understood more. this method is a good solution for waste management in urban areas.
The research centre is good , He is doing his work in natural condition .He has a good knowledge person , we learnt so many things , this training will be important for our research.
Rushikesh Jadhav
The Trainee thought us very practically with all demonstration , the natural way of breeding , collection , Transfer , Egg collection of Black soldier fly larvae . The native rural skills of rearing flies attracted me so much.

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