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We are a company specializing in black soldier fly commercialization, We study the optimization of rearing methods for the Black Soldier Fly (BSF), and we make sure the black soldier flies you get from us are the best quality in the world.

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality
insect protein lesser then soya,
with Environment friendly.

India contributes around 8% of Asia-Pacific edible insect and insect protein market. Most of the application of edible insect has been captured by animal feed followed by food and fertilizer industry.Animal feed industry of India mainly relies on maize, corn and soya. The rising prices of these crops has resulted in growing price of animal feed and reducing the profit margins of feed producers,Hence, in last few years, increasing companies are seeking alternate raw materials and has found edible insects to be one of the best options to reduce production cost. Many feed producers operating in India has expanded their research activities and have started developing insect-based feed. Insect does not produce greenhouse gases and provides considerable advantages to soil and crop growth. Hence, the demand of insect based natural fertilizer over artificial fertilizer is also growing which would provide significant boost to the edible insect industry in the country. However consumption of whole insects will take aggressive awareness campaigns marketing efforts.Read More

Our Discovery

What we discovered , First in India we don’t have enough facility to handle organic waste , also to do treatment areas. So that our Process will help us to reach every Villages for efficiently use waste to convert as protein sources. 

The Black soldier fly can avoid the landfilling of organic waste , so that we can control the greenhouse gas releases. 

We have a passion towards the waste and their management , we care about our nature , environment . the Black soldier fly larvae plays a vital role to succeed with pollution treatment. 

Black soldier flies live in decomposing, bacteria-rich organic material such as manure, and they are a promising subject for antibiotics research because living in a bacteria-rich environment demands a potent immune system. Daniela Alvarez and colleagues from an international research team from Peru and France based at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia have isolated small amino acid chains called peptides from black soldier fly larvae, and they’ve discovered that several of the peptides had strong anti-H. pylori activity

Our Mission

Dr Arthos solutions Pvt Ltd intends to become an innovative world class black soldier flies eggs production centre and utilisation of black soldier larvae for organic solid waste management and protein feed production for poultry, fish, prawns and pig farming.

Mission is to provide black soldier flies eggs, live larvae or processed products to poultry, fish, pig and prawns farming industry which is good protein and fat resources.

It improves the fish, poultry, pig and prawns industry outcome along with utilize large portion which create organic waste pollution in India.

At Dr Arthos Solutions Private limited we will ensure that we deliver eggs, black soldier larvae and its products of the highest quality and ensure our product are environmentally friendly and easily afford.

Protein Grown in a Steel Building with care.

Dr.Kalachar HCB,Ph.D is the founder and chairman of Dr.Arthos Solutions Private Limited. He has over 18+ years of research and development experience in the feild of organic synthesis. Plant extractions. Electrochemical biosensors developments etc.

He received his Ph.D and master of science (Industrial Chemistry- Gold medalist) from Kuvempu University, Shankaracharya, Karnataka.

He has one US patent and six scientific publications in acclaimed national and  international journals.

He has extensive research and production experiance in Black Soldjer fly farming and support others under Retrace cactus research station. From last three years

Kalachar HCB

Chairmen of DrArthos Solutions private limited

The Dr.Arthos Team

Kaviyarasan Manogaran

Business Manager

Biotechnologist, Working with waste management solutions in Tamilnadu . Organic Agriculturist & Consultant. Expert in Black soldier fly with india's first BSFL Egg production facility.

Mr.Sudhakar Yellapu

He Designated Finance and Administration Manager at Dr.Arthos solutions Private limited.
He is an Expert in Chemical formulations , working with our product formulations .

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H V mohan

Production Manager

A small farmer, Expert in distillation of aromatic essential oil like lemon grass, eucalyptus citradora and Virgin coconut oil Production .
Well experienced in Black soldier fly breeding in adaptive climatic conditions

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